Tom died in 2012, aged 62. We, his family, hope to keep these pages available in his memory.
The site remains in his own words.

In this website I am going to do a few things fairly quickly - say a little about myself, make available a small selection of poems, and give some information about where you can buy the couple of books of poems I have had published. The point of the website is to give some public expression to the hope – and, dare I say, the feeling – that I am, as Philip Larkin puts it, ‘in the smallest way in the same line of business’ as all the poets whose work has meant the world to me.

Thank you for visiting these pages.

Poetry is either language lit up by life, or life lit up by language. (Peter Porter)

To give a sense of the freshness or vividness of life is a valid purpose for poetry. (Wallace Stevens)

I hold that the mission of poetry is to record impressions, not convictions. (Thomas Hardy)

… a poem is a way to share a secret without telling it…. (Kate Greenstreet)